tis is the karactur list of teh uncel dolan show

picnaemextra informeton

                 He wuz a judge fur sum reezun.  Lieks Supramen.

141px-Bogs binny Bogs Werks at McCorks, rly stoopid, lieks caruts. Fatur of Spoderman

Tis is dafty on teh show

Dafty Usd tu bi Bogs bes frend untel hi terned evel.
Darth Pruto Leeder uf teh Aliun Prutos, untel hi deid.
Desy Dolan's weyf, untel hi kild hur.
Doey Doey Teh nefew in bleu, he deid in Episude 16.
337px-Dolan-duck-face Dolan Aur mayn prutagoneyst, hi luvs secx nd violinse.
Dores Spoderman's altre igo, wen Dolan wus mayer.
Fajta Oen uf Looy's riht hend men.
God God kinda lieks teh dolan gang. he halps dem sumtiems.
Guko teh ofiser Teh polise oficer whu releses Dolan fur gud behavior.
Gooby Gooby Dolan's "bich", Gooby dosent reely caer much abaut enyting.
Gooby's dog Onely in Episude 5.
Huey Huey Teh red nefew, he ded in episude 10.
Jary A maus that lievs in Dolan's haus, he es also a doktur.
Karkat Anuthr one of Looy's riht hend men.
Loey Loey Teh grein nefew, he es very evel.
Morky Morky Ownr of McMorky's Bruger untel he ded.  den he kum bak to lief nd owns a bar.
Shedlon J. Plenktan

rivul ov spangebab n mr karbz. ownr ov chum bukit.

Sheldon Grumpe uf Doey, Huey and Looy
Skwikwurd Snewpee's best frend, untel he ded.
Slonderman Slonderman

onley insid Bogs' hed, trys to kil Dolan, Spoderman nd Bogs.

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Snewpee Skwikwurds bes frend, untel he ded.
SPODERMAN Spoderman A suprhero nd also he's kend uf an asshul.
Spungebab Skwikwurds friend that wuz kiled by Dafty.
Tawm A drug deeling exturmenatur whu alwayz trys to kil Jary.
Venum Teh guy who clayms hi shuldve kiled Spoderman, kild Gooby onec.
Winy Teh Pee A privet invistigatur whu dislieks Dolan and his fud chayn.

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