sekrit saws (Episode)

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7 July 2012

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Most memorable phrase:

teh saws is kumin owt eckstra frawthy nao

dis is teh fiftenth episud of The Uncle Dolan Show. it aird on teh 7th of July 2012.

(srry, teh titel iz speld rong, actully iz Sekrit Saws)


in dis episud, Dolan haz revampd McMorky's an trned it intu McDolan's sins Morky dyd. privut investigaytor Winy Teh Pee trys owt his furst McDolan's bruger an iz confyuzd by teh salti tayst. Bogs infurms Dolan dat tere iz no moar sekrit saws an gos tu teh sekrit saws rum. Dolan tels Gooby, hu iz produsin teh saws frum his dik, tu kep wrkin, tu wich Gooby reluktenly agres. nao dat tere iz moar sekrit saws, Dolan atenz to Winy's ishue were Winy tels him dat hes onto him sins he nos teh tayst uv jiz.

latur, Dolan iz abowt tu skip toun but is stahped bi Winy, hu tels him dat hell tell teh wurld wut teh saws iz an revels himself tu be a privit investurgayter. in curt, Dolan iz forsd tu tel wat teh sekrit saws iz. Bemen teh juj tels Dolan dat hez gilty an sentunsez him tu a wun wek jayl sentuns. teh episud ens wif a shot ov Gooby sayin 'o boy dis gun be long sesun'.

Characturs in dis EpisudEdit

- Dolan

- Gooby

- Bogs

- Winy Teh Pee

- Bemen


  • teh us of gooby semun as sekrit saws iz simlur to Episude 3 - McMorkys, wen dolan puts shit in goobys bruger.

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