gooby pls


Episode 1

Gooby atacks Spoderman.

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12th April 2012

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N/A<------>Episude 2 - i luv my nefuse

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gooby pls.

dis is the very first episude of The Uncle Dolan Show. it aird on teh 12th of April 2012.


in tis episude, Dolan asks Gooby to kil Spoderman. Gooby refuses, but dolan menages to persuede hm by suying "gooby pls" and cryn. Gooby agres to kil spoderman, and spoderman dos not spot him until he says "prepar to die spoderman". Spoderman shouts wth gle at Gooby, but gooby pulls out a "shep sword" and stabs hum. Spoderman swores at Gooby and crys. Gooby anounces to Dolan thet he kiled Spoderman, but Dolan suys he caled the cops on him, at Gooby's dismuy.

Teh last wurd spken in this episude is "Dolan are you fukn sirius?"

Characters in teh episudeEdit

- Dolan (first appearance)

- Gooby (first appearance)

- Spoderman (first appearance)


  • gooby nevr gos to jail in teh end. No reson of tis hs ben givin.
  • tis is the first appearance of Dolan , Gooby, an Spoderman .
  • tis is also teh firs episude of The Uncle Dolan Show.
  • Spoderman dos not mak an apparence agaen until Episude 5 - gooby ded.
  • "wats dat tingly felin" is a trademrk quote frm spoderman. it reappears in Episude 14 - dis is it...

Episude VideoEdit

The Uncle Dolan Show Episode 1

The Uncle Dolan Show Episode 1