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14th April 2012

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Most memorable phrase:

"i only wantd on mcmorky's bruger, wth no shit."

This is the third episode of The Dolan Show. it aired on the 14th of April 2012.


In this episode, Dolan is working at McMorky's with Bogs and Morky when Gooby turns up and asks for a McMorky's burger. Morky tells Dolan not to mess with it. Behind he's back, Dolan tells Bogs that he is going to put shit in the burger. he does, an hands it to Gooby. when Gooby eats it an asks why it tastes like shit, Dolan then tells him "is shit, Gooby." He then walks away and Gooby cries, sayin "i only wanted on McMorky's burger, with no shit."

Characters in the episodeEdit

- Dolan

- Gooby

- Morky (first appearence)

- Bogs (first appearence)


  • This is kinda re-used in Episude 15 - secrut saws, when Dolan uses Gooby semun as the secret recipe
  • This is the first appearance of Morky an Bogs
  • Morky is a hero, as he saves the entire cast from self-destruct

Episude VideoEdit

The Uncle Dolan Show Ep 301:48

The Uncle Dolan Show Ep 3

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