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17th April 2012

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"uh, gooby fagt." "now spoderman, love and tolerat al." "demmit"

This is the fifth episode of The Dolan Show. It aired on the 17th of April 2012


Gooby is in heaven, when Spoderman tells them he's a ghost, then Gooby wonders "But if i'm ghost then who's watching my dog?" then it cuts to Gooby's Dog sayin that it's hunger. Gooby then asks Spoderman how he can get out her, and Spoderman, still angry with the events from Episode 1 - gooby pls says "Who the f*** do you think i am? Jesus." then "You f***in killed me gooby, i f***in hate you." Gooby then says he's sorry an Spoderman appears to forgive them, but then he says that there's only run for on the way back. Gooby is urged, saying "F*** you, Spoderman that was quick move." Spoderman then goes to God, asking if he could go back hum. God agrees, but he says he needs to fend he's robs and asks if Spoderman new who took them. Spoderman doesn't now, so God goes to Gooby, who is crying, and God asks them who took he's robes, and Gooby blames Spoderman, and says he pooped on them, then God goes to Spoderman, and Spoderman is saying he can't wait to see Dolan, Bogs, Morky and Bemen and get a McMorky burger, and fight bad guys again. God then shuts at Spoderman saying "Gooby told me you took my robes." and then he banishes Spoderman to hell "I f***in hate you Gooby". God then says "LOL ok, Gooby you can go back home now." and he sends Gooby back home. God then talks to himself, "Now i'm all along."

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The Uncle Dolan Show Ep 5

The Uncle Dolan Show Ep 5