Dis iz episud 7, it is teknikly teh start uv teh Spoderman Reborn story arc.


Teh episud starts out wit Dolan asken Gooby wer he wuz al day. Gooby says he wuz at his mawms house but Dolan duznt beliv him. Gooby tels Dolan a fayk adres(wich is acshuly Bogs'). Dolan goez into Bogs' house nd aksidently gets him pregnunt. Dolan runs away liek a blak fathur, leavin Bogs wit a child on teh way nd jizz al ovur his fays.



  • Bogs' adres is 212 Wes 42nd Stret.
  • Bogs myt haev a sekrit gay lust for Dolan.
  • Bogs can sumhow bekum pregnunt, even doe it wuz anal sex nd der wuz jizz on his fays, he sed Dolan didnt pull out. Wut teh fuk?

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