Dolan takin to Jary teh Dokturr...

Jary wuz one of Dolans frens. he is teh bufest mows in all of Dolantown cos he pump iron wiv his nek. He built maws hol in Dolans haws but wudnt cum hurr bicos is not riturdid. Tawm had eaten him after Huey was ded. he returnd wen he was a dokturr and den one of Dolans frens. he is not frens with Tawm anymoar cos of kawntrakt dey hav.


  • Jary is acshuly a doktor.
  • He duznt liek Tawm vury much.
  • He lieks cheez, but iznt riturded enuf to fal fur Dolans Cheese-ona-Fishing Pole trick.

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