What is it?

Mcmorkys is a restrant oned by morky , it wuz teh numba wun bruger joynt in Dolantown up until he died in Episude 14 - Dis is it... Dolan becaym teh ownur in Sesun 2 Episude 15 - Sekrit Saws. He chanjd teh naym into McDolans. It wuz qwyt sucksesful untel Winy Teh Pee teh privit inveshigaturr got Dolan arested bcuz teh sekrit saws wuz acshuly Gooby Semen.


  • McDolans speld in englesh iz McDonalds.
  • Dolan has sins chanjd teh hole look ov mcmorkys.

McDolans! lol morky dyd Brugers Frys Seleds.

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